Happy Thanksgiving from Tenon Tours

“Thanksgiving is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.” -EP Powell

There are cranberries, mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie.  And there is football for sports fans, parades for kids, and shopping for deal-seekers.  Who wouldn’t love Thanksgiving?

While the celebration is one of American’s favorite holidays, it is also about a time of reflection.  It’s a day to stop and think about all the good in our lives.

So, as a Team of Ireland Travel Specialists , who love their job, a few of us would like to share with our family, friends, and customers what we are thankful for this cherished Thanksgiving Day.

Bryan Lewis, President

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In my life, I’m thankful for…

My beautiful and loving wife, adorable children, supportive parents, my sweet puppy, Tiara, my ability to grow a phenomenal mustache for the month of Movember , my favorite actor-Bradley Cooper, and my favorite movie-Avatar.


At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

The best employees I could ever ask for, having a vision and becoming the top travel company for Inc. 500, creating fantastic trips to Ireland, UK, and beyond that people will appreciate and remember forever.

Katie Fleming, Managing Director

katie-ireland-castle.jpg tenon-tours-team.jpg viewing-Ireland1.jpg kt-stache-nov-2012.jpg

In my life, I’m thankful for…

My family and friends.  I could go on and on about why I’m thankful for them, but we’d need a whole other blog for that.  I’ll just leave it as I wouldn’t be who or what I am today without them.

I’m also thankful for my two cats, Chard and Pino, Catch Phrase, my wolf shirt, and my beautiful Pussy Willow tree!

At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

Being able to be a part of making peoples’ Ireland vacation dreams come true, to be employed and to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people all waking up in the morning eager to achieve the same goal together, for the Ireland travel opportunities that I have been able to experience-something I may take for granted at times, and Movember , so that in at least one month out of the year my mustache obsession is only slightly judged.

Erika Gustafson, Director of Operations

Eturkey-e1353549653511.jpg In my life, I’m thankful for…

The other members of my family cooking this year, because as awesome as this picture looks, the process was a bit of a disaster. I’m also thankful for my fantastic friends.

ECliffs.jpg At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

The awesome Team at Tenon Tours , who are my friends and always keep me laughing.

And lastly, I’m thankful for the ability to travel to Ireland and beyond and see the wonders of the world, including the amazing Cliffs of Moher that I revisited recently for the first time in over 20-years.

Stephanie Molettiere, Senior Accounts Executive

photo-e1353550190976.jpg In my life, I’m thankful for…

My always loving and supportive family, the best snuggle buddy in the world, my puppy Winnie, my amazing friends who keep me laughing every single day, my favorite band-4 Non Blondes, the Dallas Cowboys, and my faith which gives me strength and comfort in difficult times.

At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

The opportunity to work with such wonderful, creative, and hard working individuals who do everything they can to support me in my role at Tenon Tours I am thankful for Bryan and Katie for continuously keeping their faith in me and encouraging me to aim higher…, and higher…, and higher!

Andrew Sanborn, National Accounts Executive

images20.jpeg In my life, I’m thankful for…

All of our military personnel who make the world a safer place and allow us to do what we love, travel to Ireland and beyond .  I’m also thankful for my healthy and beautiful family, and my favorite game-Apples to Apples.

At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

My amazing team of co-workers that I work with everyday!

Taryn Harrison, National Accounts Executive

Gramz-and-Bonz-in-San-Francisco-e1353551062614.jpg DSC01615.jpg DSC02280_1-e1353551692176.jpg DSC01830_1.jpg

In my life, I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful for my amazing and ever loving grandmother, wonderful and supportive aunt and uncle, treasured friends, the breathtaking nature from living in Montana, having a roof over my head when many people are still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, being able to run and ski, and another exciting season of Gonzaga basketball. Road to the Final Four Zags-2012!

At the Irish Life Experience and Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

Being blessed to believe, love, and be passionate about my work. From my incredible Irish Life Experience Team , to the remarkable Dream Team at Tenon Tours , to Jess, who is a website magician, to the special students that have and will participate in the summer study abroad programs of the ILE, to working with Tenon Tours’ customers and planning their vacations to Ireland -helping make their travel dreams become reality.

I truly have the best job in the world!

Hilary Flanagan, Project Manager

Donut.jpg In my life, I’m thankful for…

The wonderful Flan Clan, the family pups who I’ll finally be able to spend some time with, and being able to play softball and meet awesome new people all the time.

Lucy.jpg At Tenon Tours, I’m thankful for…

My Tenon Family who I spend most of my time with, for having a job that I love that keeps me busy, and I’ll be even more thankful when the construction on our extension is done and we have a beautiful new office.

From our family at Tenon Tours, to your family near and far, we wish you many Thanksgiving blessings and look forward to working with you and helping you plan your vacations to Ireland, UK, and beyond .

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