Ireland & UK Travel Advisory – Volcanic Ash Cloud 2014


Ex: Airspace affected by ash in May ’11

This travel advisory will be updated periodically in order to inform all Tenon Tours travelers about the latest regarding news of the possible eruption of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano due to intense earthquake activity.

8.18.14 : Iceland’s Meteorological Office issued an orange-level alert, warning the aviation industry of the potential for an eruption that releases a disruptive ash plume. The alert remains in effect.

8.20.14 : The orange-level alert remains in effect. It has been reported that Iceland’s civil protection authorities had decided to evacuate an area north of the volcano.

8.21.14: Europe’s air authority, Eurocontrol, said Tuesday it was monitoring the Bardarbunga situation but that there is no impact at this time on European aviation. It also insists that changes have been made to help avoid the kind of chaos seen after Eyjafjallajokull erupted.

“Europe is more prepared to deal with volcanic ash these days; we have better mechanisms in place than we did in 2010. Every year, volcanic ash exercises are conducted and we learn from them: the latest one was held in April this year,” it said. ​”​

8.29.14: Iceland reduced its aviation warning level to orange after concluding that a small eruption in the Bardarbunga volcano system that triggered a hours-long red alert actually posed no threat to aircraft. The Icelandic Metrological Office said a no-fly zone in a radius of 3 nautical miles just above the Bardarbunga volcano in central Iceland would remain in effect.

“The small eruption is not a threat to aviation and the published aviation warning area has been cancelled,” the Met Office said in a statement.

ALERT: At this time there is no reason to change or cancel any travel plans you may have to Ireland or the UK. If you do have questions please email

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