Meet Janet!


1) Favorite destination?

clifden1.jpg Clifden, Co. Galway in Connemara. When I win the lottery, I am buying a house here! The drive from Galway City out to Clifden on the N59 is one of my favorite drives in the whole world. The town is still essentially a fishing village, but with shops and good restaurants and you can see the sea from pretty much anywhere. I also like the stark landscape – mossy greens and browns, rocks, mountains, water and sheep everywhere – just takes my breath away every time.

2) Favorite type of Tenon trip?

I really enjoy helping people with self-drives and chauffeur drive itineraries. I like the challenge of getting them to the “typical” tourist spots but also including places that they might not know about or have not thought were worth seeing.


3) Curveball – Favorite book?

Nick Hornby’s How to be Good

I enjoy his voice as a writer – funny, dry, insightful and very much contemporary British. I like that he takes a timeless philosophical problem and lets it play out under modern circumstances.

4) Favorite part of traveling?

Looking at the scenery as it goes by, having a cup of coffee or tea in the early morning and just seeing a location wake-up to its day, looking in local grocery stores for “weird foods,” getting lost – ’cause that ALWAYS makes for a funny story!

523.jpg London-7.2014.jpg

5) Have you made any goof-ups on the job or while traveling?

Too many to count! Getting caught at a B&B in Austria stuffing rolls into our socks to eat later for lunch when we were broke students backpacking on Eurail passes – the owner was very gracious and gave us extra food for the road. Sitting with someone in Arles, France who thought she ordered rice, but really ordered riz – sweetbreads – and all of us being horrified by what appeared on her plate!

What past clients have said about Janet:

“I didn’t know Wales … so I needed someone with knowledge of the country to guide me in my planning… and I had left planning my trip until a few weeks before I left! I knew I wanted to do a self-drive and Tenon combined those two things.

My service was great! Janet Dudley had been there – knew it well – had stayed at some of the inns/B&Bs that she was recommending. I travel quite a bit and I know exactly what I want – Janet listened and understood clearly what I looked for in a visit to a town … and then she used her personal knowledge of Wales to match that against my requirements. Also, when I had niggly little questions about my itinerary she answered them fully and very quickly. While I was on my trip, I had a couple of minor challenges and Janet, along with Operations Manager, Erika, settled them right off. Wonderful! It was great knowing that they were with me in spirit on my trip in case anything went wrong…” – Peter G., September 2015

“Janet Dudley listened, really listened, to me and formed a very accurate picture of what we wanted and how we wanted to do it. She was patient, competent, and I wish I could meet her. We could become friends, I think. I was really hesitant to work with someone so far away, but it was fine.” – Elizabeth L., May 2015

“In Late August and early September [Janet] guided Gayle and I through the process of planning a trip to Ireland – first time ever across the pond for me! We had been hoping to go for a long time but became overwhelmed by the logistics, multiple web searches, travel brochures, input from friends – you know the drill. [Janet] calmly and expertly provided us with specific itinerary ideas, introduced us to the B&B voucher approach, navigated the car rental process, and arranged critical hotel reservations for the beginning and end of the journey. The trip was fantastic!” – Drew & Gayle, September 2014

“Janet Dudley was great in helping me plan the trip, and making sure my itinerary was doable. There were several ideas that I had in mind, but after speaking with Janet I realized they weren’t realistic. She was great in helping keep the trip full of activities without being overwhelmed or pressed for time.” – Adam W., June 2014

“I have already recommended Janet to others. She was great and very responsive. We couldn’t have done this without her help.” – Beth J., June 2014

“Janet Dudley was a wealth of information and always steered us in the right direction. She was always pleasant, even when we peppered her with questions and very responsive to emails, etc.” – Mike S., October 2013

“Janet was extremely helpful and responsive. Just when I thought I had something worked out, I encountered a bump and she was there to help.” – Dawn D., September 2013

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