Meet Stephanie!


1) Favorite destination?

To pick a favorite destination is like trying to decide my favorite ice cream flavor… completely impossible! However, it would have to be Ireland. If you couldn’t tell from my full name (Stephanie Molettiere), I’m not actually Irish. My Tenon family nicknamed me “O’Mollie” when I first joined the company to help me fit in a little better! Even though I don’t have Irish heritage , I feel more at home every time I get to visit the Emerald Isle. The people, the culture, the landscapes, the architecture and the history just grab your attention and pull you in to a place you can just stay in forever!

Cliffs-of-Moher-Steph.jpg Stephanie-Aran-Islands-Bike.jpg

2) Favorite type of Tenon trip?

Our Ireland Hopper Tours , hands down. I have been at Tenon Tours for over 5 years now and the name of the “Ireland Hopper” has probably changed 5 times, but the idea behind it has remained the same. We wanted to give our clients the option to see the countryside without a strict schedule, and without having to drive. Actually, the first time I traveled to Ireland, I joined one of our Ireland Hopper Tours to see as much of Ireland as I could and it was amazing. It was great to have free time to myself to explore around the town and I loved the idea of being able to pick and choose which day tours I went on.


3) Curveball – Favorite book?

I’ve really enjoyed novels by Maeve Binchy, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and honestly, anything written by Harlan Coben. If you have any great suggestions for me to try next, always feel free to send them along!

4) Favorite part of traveling?

Meeting new people. No matter where it is that you meet them, it’s amazing to really get to know other people’s adventures and what they’ve been through and what brings them to the same place you are. I’ve also really loved walking into a local pub, sitting down at the bar and finding myself in a deep conversation with a local who’s telling me all of their wonderful stories! I can’t count how many times this has happened to me over the years, but it’s one of my favorite parts about traveling.


5) Have you made any goof-ups on the job?

stephanie-ring-of-kerry.jpg All right, you got me. I have two that I’m pretty famous for at Tenon. My first week, I didn’t have a ton of knowledge just yet on Ireland but was doing my best to learn as quickly as possible. My manager asked me to call a lead who was interested in a tour. I started talking with her about some areas I’d been reviewing such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle Peninsula and then… the “Ring of Terry” (which is actually the Ring of Kerry, near Killarney). My manager was laughing hysterically in the background and fortunately for me, the client didn’t really notice but it was one for the books!

potato.jpg The second “goof-up” I cannot live down to this day is also when I first started at Tenon Tours. A client emailed me and asked for information on visiting The Irish National Stud in Kildare. The first question I asked my manager was, “why would someone want to visit a really large potato?” Yes, that’s right, I misread “Stud” (what is actually a Thoroughbred horse breeding facility in Tully, Co. Kildare) for “Spud.” It’s one of those jokes now that comes up every time anything related to Kildare, stud or spud is mentioned. Oh well, at least I can laugh at myself!

Read more about O’Mollie in her Employee Spotlight .

What past clients have said about Stephanie:

“Stephanie was the best, called me when I had questions, walked me through paperwork and had a great knowledge of what to expect.” – Edward W., June 2014

“Stephanie Molettiere was a huge help in providing everything we needed for our trip. Handled our many phone calls very professionally.” – Charles K., May 2014

“She was very helpful, nice and helped me a lot because we planned the tour, I believe in 10 days.” – Gloria R., October 2013

“Stephanie was great! She was very patient with all the changes we made as we went through our though process on planning this honeymoon trip!” – Diane H., July 2012

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